Commitment and our core values guide our decision-making and define our culture.


We strive to set the standard for excellence.

From our presence in the Brazilian market to building our relationships, to hiring the best in the business, we strive to continually set the standard for excellence in everything we do. We take all matters relating to our investors, partners and associates seriously, acting with a sense of urgency to be responsive to them.

Integrity & Ethics

People do business with those they trust.

We will uphold the highest possible standards of ethical behavior. We take our commitments seriously and our interactions will be handled with an attitude of openness, honesty and integrity.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Challenges bring out the best of our abilities.

We are committed to the entrepreneurship from which Bluestone has been built. We look for new opportunities and along with those opportunities come challenges providing professional growth that will bring out the best in our abilities.

Community Involvement

We aim to understand the sensitivities in which we operate.

We are committed to the general welfare of the communities in which we live and work. We will develop and maintain excellent relationships throughout our communities and always work to balance our business interest with the needs of our communities.

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

We recognize the value of responsibility.

We are committed to the principle of sustainability. We will strategically and competitively balance environmental resources, economic objectives, social systems employing social responsibility as we operate our business and invest in new opportunities.