Country Statistics

Official name: Federative Republic of Brazil
Government: Presidential Republic
Head of State: President, 4 year term
Present President: Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva
Second Presidential Term: January 1, 2007
Capital City: Brasilia

Language: Portuguese
Population: 191.8 million
Land Mass: 8,514,876.599 km2
Density: 22 hab/km2
Work Force: 92 million
Coastline: 7,491 km

GDP: US$1.804 trillion. 8th largest in the world
GDP per Capita: US$11,873
Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL, R$)
Central Bank: Banco Central do Brasil
Sovereign Credit Rating: S & P BBB-,
Moody’s Ba 1, Fitch, BBB-

Foreign tourists in 2007: 6.45 million
Passengers landed: 50.02 million
Regular International Flights per week: 804
Tourism Exchange Revenue in 2007: $5 billion
Tourism Sector GDP’s participation: 1.9%